February 25, 2009

Stanford: Round 2 Interview Invitations

In his post on Stanford Admissions Blog, Director of Admissions Derrick Bolton informed, "As of this morning, we have invited 275 second-round candidates to interview. We will extend an additional 100-125 interview invitations to second-round candidates in the next couple of weeks."

He further informed that during that same period, the school plans to interview some of the first-round candidates who accepted spots on the waitlist without having interviewed.

Link: Round 2 Interview Statistics

February 24, 2009

Wharton: Admissions Presentation in Dubai

According to a post on Wharton's MBA Blog, "MBA Admissions will be hosting a special admissions reception during the Global Alumni Forum in Dubai on 11 March 2009".

The blog further advises aspirants that this would be a wonderful opportunity to meet Wharton's new Director of MBA Admissions & Financial Aid, J.J. Cutler.

For more information and to register, visit:

February 19, 2009

Wharton: Round 2 Mid-Release Decisions Posted

Wharton's MBA Admissions & Financial Aid Team informed on Wharton Admissions Blog that All Round 2 mid-release decisions have now been posted that is the applicants for Round 2 should have either received an invitation to interview or a deny without interview decision. All round 2 applicants may check their online account using the logon and password they used to create their application.

They further informed that for all those who are invited to interview, the last day to complete an interview is Thursday, 12 March, 2009.

MBA Admissions & Financial Aid Team reported in its blog post,"Interviews will be available on campus with second-year Wharton MBA Students who are full members of the Admissions Committee, off campus with alumni, and off campus in various “Hubs” around the world by Admissions staff members. All interview options have equal weight within the admissions process"

They further informed that Candidates who are offered an interview will receive their final admissions decision by 5:00 p.m. Eastern Standard Time on Thursday, 26 March 2009.

February 17, 2009

Wharton: Round 2 Interview Invitations

The Wharton MBA Program is in its final days of releasing Round 2 interview invitations.

According to a post on Wharton’s MBA Blog, “The Admissions Committee has already begun releasing interview invitations and will continue to do so daily until 5:00pm EST on Thursday, 19 February 09. Due to the nature and complexity of the admissions process, there is no particular order in which invitations are released. Complete details on how, when, and where to schedule an interview will be provided at the time of invitation. Candidates who are not invited to interview and are no longer being considered for admission will receive a “Deny” decision on 19 February 09."

The blog also informs about the added new HUB Interview Locations. It states,"The AdCom has added HUB Interview dates in two new locations: Dubai and San Francisco. Members of the AdCom will also be traveling to Paris, London, Mumbai, New Delhi, Beijing, Shanghai, Hong Kong, Seoul and Tokyo to interview perspective candidates”.

All the best to all the B-School Aspirants out there.

February 16, 2009

Jobs on the way: Darden School of Business

"Jobs on the way," said Robert Bruner, Dean, Darden School of Business in his blog post dated 02/09/2009. As the Business schools anticipate a reduction in recruitment this coming placement season Robert Burner tried to reassure his students that he is doing everything possible he can do to gather and devise job opportunities for graduates.

He said, "
Last week, I wrote to all of our 9,000 alumni asking for their assistance in finding positions for our MBA students. Within an hour we had eight replies; within a day we had 15 new job postings. More are coming in each day. Inside Darden, we have initiated a new program, “Generating Offers and Leads” (GOAL) sessions with students, faculty, and administration so that those students seeking opportunities could learn about ideas and leads from those with job offers as well as those with contacts in different industries and functions. The sharing, and requesting, of leads has been made available to all members of the Darden community via a lead-sharing website on the Darden portal; initially populated with over 100 CDC-generated leads, the site will become a source of ideas from students, faculty, and members of Darden’s administration".

He further told, "In my travels to every major city, I call on companies who have not recruited at Darden recently, or ever. So far this academic year, I have visited 38 prospects. I give each company a pitch on the quality of our program and our students. Then I invite them to consider our students for employment. Not one company has turned me down. Generally, we have increased outreach to companies significantly over the past year, especially to several “recession-resistant” companies and global companies across different industries. Darden is building a healthy franchise among these firms."

Burner said that this year, Financial Times and Business Week have ranked Darden’s Career Development Center among the very best., which reflect the judgments of corporate recruiters and alumni. He said that this reflects the quality of Darden's students and the “high touch” engagement with CDC. Finally he reported that CDC will host a Darden Career Fair near Dulles airport in mid-April and will also participate in the Southeastern MBA Interview Forum in late March with four other regional MBA programs.

To read more click here: Jobs on the way

During the current tough time of economic crisis, Burner also boosted the confidence, encouraged and advised the graduates in his another blog post. He said," Instead of quitting the MBA Program, I think the student should take four points of advice:
  1. Finish the program; get the degree.
  2. Focus your job search on what you offer that is valuable to employers. Think like your target customer. Be adaptable to the needs of companies. It is always good to have aspirations and career vision. But the reality of this job market is that new MBAs should be open to new, unexpected, and indirect ways of filling one’s vision.
  3. Work the extended network—on grounds and off. Today, more than ever, success in searching for a job comes from a good discovery process. Research reaffirms the value of weak links: people who you don’t know well are most likely to see job opportunities of which you have not heard.
  4. Integrity. Don’t be tempted into behavior inconsistent with the best values. Anxiety can take you down paths you will regret. Treat everyone fairly. Represent yourself honestly. Help others."
To read in detail click here: A Time to Hang in There

February 12, 2009

HBS: About Round 2

Harvard Business School (HBS) Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Dee Leopold, in her blog post answered the frequently asked question that Why doesn't HBS send out denials at the same time when it issues interview invitations?

Answering the above question, Dee said, "We don't send out final decisions until the notification date because we need to see the results of the interview process before we extend offers to join the waitlist. After we've finished interviewing, we want to make sure we are still considering enough candidates from certain profiles - which include nationality, gender, industry background, leadership styles...and other dimensions - to compose the overall portfolio of next year's class. This is why it is important for us to keep EVERY round 2 applicant under consideration until notification day. I know this process isn't perfect, but I am absolutely certain that it's thoughtful and thorough"

Read here: http://www.hbs.edu/mba/admissions/blog.html

February 11, 2009

Stanford Graduate School of Business: Employment Report for the MBA Class of 2008

Stanford shared their 2008 Employment Report statistics which highlight the successes of Stanford MBA.
Stanford GSB's 2008 Employment Report conforms to the MBA Career Services Council Standards for Reporting MBA Employment Statistics.
Stanford mentions on its website: To assist in comparing these statistics with non-CSC compliant MBA Employment Reports, please note that the Stanford GSB has not included relocation expense reimbursement, tuition reimbursement, and loan forgiveness in any of its past Employment Reports. In 2008, inclusion of these items would have increased Stanford GSB median compensation by $7,000.


Percentage of Class

Median Base Salary

Median Signing Bonus





Private Equity/LBO




Hedge Funds




Internet Services/ E-Commerce




Investment Banking/ Brokerage








Venture Capital




Investment Management




Real Estate




Consumer Products




Pharma/ Biotech/ Healthcare




Consumer Electronics/ Hardware




Media/ Entertainment








Other Services




Financial Services-Diversified




Petroleum/ Energy








Total does not equal 100% due to rounding.

Top Functions: Consultant 29%; Private Equity 16%; Investment/Portfolio Manager 8%; Product/Brand Manager 8%

Base Salary: median $120,000 (range $30,000-$250,000)

Signing Bonus: median $20,000 (range $2,500-$200,000)

Other Guaranteed Compensation: median $40,000 (range $2,000-$250,000)


Wharton: Student Loan Update

Peter Degnan, Senior Associate Dean, The Wharton School and Anjani Jain, Vice Dean, Director of Wharton Graduate Division in their blog post said that though the matter was still under discussion, they wanted to give applicants an update on the current status of student loan programs.

They reported,"The turmoil in the capital markets has had a significant effect on the availability and cost of funding for graduate education, especially for international students. As you know, the main provider of loans to international students at all major US b-schools, Citibank, decided last fall to stop lending altogether to international students (and also terminated its custom-priced programs for domestic students at major universities). Many other lenders have also stopped lending to international students without a domestic co-signer. This problem is affecting all graduate programs at UPenn and all graduate programs across the country".

They stated,"This issue has engaged University administration at the highest levels. The University issued a Request for Proposal (RFP) to identify alternative loan providers and has been reviewing a number of options with the goal of keeping adequate loan financing available to all students, and to international students without domestic co-signers

They further reported, "Though we don’t yet have a program to announce, we wanted to let you know that we are in active discussions with several lenders. We are pursuing any and all funding options for international students, and Wharton hopes to announce a new loan program towards the end of February. The new loan product will not require a domestic co-signer, but is likely to have significantly higher interest rates and origination fees than the discontinued Citibank product. In addition, there will be a risk-sharing arrangement with the University whereby Wharton will be financially responsible for a percentage of loan defaults. The increased costs of loan financing to all MBA students and potentially to Wharton are an unfortunate necessity given the current market conditions. It is our hope that the loan pricing will improve over time.

We have also been in discussions with some overseas financial institutions to explore loan programs for students from their respective regions, but it is premature to say whether these discussions will result in special loan programs for Wharton students and under what pricing/repayment conditions."

With respect to loans to domestic students and the ones with domestic co-signers, they said,"Citibank and other private lenders have indicated their interest in continuing to offer loan programs. We do not know their pricing parameters yet, but it is likely that their interest rates, too, will be substantially higher than in the past. It behooves all our students to explore all possible funding options for the coming academic year".

To read in detail click on the link below:
Positive Progress: The Current Status of Student Loan Programs for Wharton MBA's

HBS, GSB: Round 2 Interview Invitations

Harvard Business School (HBS) Director of Admissions and Financial Aid Dee Leopold, on 9th feb in her blog post informed, "Today we are sending emails to about 750 applicants inviting them to interview. Detailed information will be included in the email. I think there will be between 50 and 100 additional invitations sent between now and April 2. These will be sent out as files are reviewed - not on a designated day or days".

For more read here: Hello to Round Two Applicants

Also have a look at: GSB - Chat with Current Students

February 3, 2009

Chicago’s Booth School of Business: International Student Loan Update

Rose Martinelli, director of admissions and financial aid at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business, in her blog, updated on school's progress in securing a loan for our international students without a cosigner.

Rose said," A few facts first: Since October, we have been working very closely as part of the University-wide effort to find a solution for our international students who do not have access to a U.S. cosigner. We have explored traditional options such as banks as well as non-conventional sources of funding. Our goal has been to secure a "guaranteed" loan for our international students at competitive market rates with favorable terms."

She said further she had some good news to share about the status of international student loans at the school,"
We are in active discussions with a number of organizations at this time and are close to reaching agreement with the first of these lenders. While conversations are ongoing, we fully expect that Chicago Booth will have at least one viable loan program for our international MBA students well in advance of fall 2009."

Read in detail here: International Student Loan Update

Tuck School of Business: Informs about its Waitlist Procedure

Karen Marks, Tuck associate director of admissions informed on Tuck admissions blog that this friday, on February 6th, Tuck will release November Round decisions.

She further explained How Tuck decides to waitlist someone. She said, "Candidates are placed on the waitlist for a variety of reasons. Sometimes we need more information about an applicant, but see many positive qualities and are interested enough to seek additional data. Sometimes we have questions about English or quantitative proficiency, so we will encourage the candidate to retake their GMAT or Toefl or to complete additional coursework. In other cases there are no particular areas of concern but we are unable to offer admission at that point in our cycle."

"So, how do you know which category you fall into? Consistent with our admissions philosophy, we are happy to communicate with you about ways to strengthen your candidacy. Once waitlisted you will be given the option of withdrawing or staying on the waitlist. If you decide to remain on the roster you will be contacted individually by an admissions officer. One of us (your designated contact) will then be available to discuss your application. However, it is important to make sure that you are communicating with us in a way that reflects well on you. It is great(in fact a good idea) to tell us that you are still very interested in Tuck, and to discuss ways to improve your profile.", said Marks

Answering the big question," how do you know if you have a reasonable chance of admission? Unfortunately, there is no reliable way for us to help you assess your chances. Historically, we have admitted people from the waitlist every year - but the number varies, as does the profile of those admitted off the waitlist.", said Marks.

Read in detail: http://tuckschool.blogspot.com/2009/02/waitlist.html