August 1, 2009

UCLA Anderson Application Deadlines for 2009-2010

The UCLA Anderson deadlines for the 2009-2010 are as below:

Round 1
Application Deadline: 14 October 09
GMAT/TOEFL taken by: 30 September 09
Decision released by: 13 January 10

Round 2
Application Deadline: 6 January 10
GMAT/TOEFL taken by: 31 December 09
Decision released by: 31 March 10

Round 3
Application Deadline: 17 March 10
GMAT/TOEFL taken by: 28 February 10
Decision released by: 19 May 10

In order to apply for a given round, you must submit your application by 9pm Pacific Time on the day of the deadline. All supporting materials that are not submitted online must arrive in our office by 5pm PT of the deadline. Any applications that are incomplete on the deadline (i.e., missing information) will be moved to the following round.

According to the school Rounds 1 and 2 are comparable in terms of your chances of admission. Round 3 is slightly more competitive, although there will be sufficient room for strong candidates. Apply at the time that is best for you.

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