August 26, 2009

Cornell/Johnson Application deadlines/ Essay topics 2009-2010

Cornell/ Johnson Application Deadlines for 2009-10 are as follows:

Round 1
Application Deadline: October 6, 2009
Decision Notification: December 17, 2009
Scholarship Notification: December 17, 2009

Round 2
Application Deadline: November 12, 2009
Decision Notification: February 16, 2010
Scholarship Notification: Feb 16, 2010

Round 3 *#
Application Deadline: January 12, 2010
Decision Notification: March 23, 2010
Scholarship Notification: March 23, 2010

Round 4
Application Deadline: March 30, 2010
Decision Notification: May 6, 2010
Scholarship Notification: N/A

* Suggested application deadline for international applicants
# Last date for scholarship consideration


Johnson has not yet released its 2009-2010 application. However, according to school’s admissions office the essay topics will remain the same as last year’s topics

To ensure the depth and dynamism of the Johnson School education, we seek to enroll a class composed of students whose insights are distinct and whose actions are penetrating. The essay portion of your application gives you the opportunity to candidly demonstrate your attributes and your compatibility with our rich and vibrant program.

MBA/AMBA - Essays 1, 2 and 3 are required essays. Essay 4 is optional. All re-applicants are required to complete essay 5. Please observe the 400 word maximum limit for each essay.

1. Describe your greatest professional achievement and how you were able to add value to your organization.

2. What career do you plan to pursue upon completion of an MBA degree and why? How will the Johnson School help you achieve this goal?

3. You are the author for the book of Your Life Story. Please write the Table of Contents for the book.

4. (Optional) Complete this essay if there is other information you would like to add regarding your candidacy. For instance, if you believe one or more aspects of your application (e.g., undergraduate GPA or test scores) does not accurately reflect your potential for success at the Johnson School.

5. (Re-applicants) Describe the measures you have taken to strengthen your application since you last applied to the Johnson School.

Application Deadlines

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