March 3, 2010

Chicago Booth School of Business: Few important things to consider when applying in Round 3

Rose Martinelli, director of admissions and financial aid at the University of Chicago’s Booth School of Business reported on her blog, "Somewhere along the line, R3 inherited the reputation of being somewhat irrelevant in the overall admissions cycle -- a Round where you made a last ditch effort to gain admission while perhaps believing that your chances for acceptance were very slim. The truth is that R3 can be a bit more competitive simply because the majority of applications and acceptances will occur in Rounds One and Two." She added,"However, I’d like to emphasize that a good portion of our class will be admitted from R3 as well as a good number being placed on our summer waitlist to help us manage class size this summer. So, while fewer spots in the class may be available, it’s important to put together the best possible application you can. "

Rose said that R3 exists for a reason! She advised aspirants about few important things to consider when they in apply in Round 3. She stated, "Candidates are accepted each year at this time so don’t buy in to the doom and gloom. Your dream school should be on your radar no matter what people ‘are saying’! Great applicants and great applications are valued in every round as we seek to craft the best class we can!"

With respect to international applicants she stated,"We also accept international candidates in R3. Despite our encouragement for internationals to apply preferably in Rounds One or Two, this is only a suggestion to make your life easier in terms of planning and making such a large transition, but it does not preclude you from R3 consideration. Because our program begins in September and R3 decisions are released in mid-May, our international students have plenty of time to process their visa during the summer months." She said, "Borderline or standard applicants will be up against harder competition in R3, but this is true for every round in the current MBA market! So R3 doesn’t change your need for a strong, well -thought through application."

Rose advised,"Consider letting us in on why you are applying in R3 if it’s relevant. It can ease the reader’s questions about your intentions. Don’t be afraid to be honest---we’ve been in your shoes. We get it!"

She further made clear ,"We can tell if your application is rushed or if you’re just hedging your bets by throwing one more application together. The one thing you really must be sure of in R3 is that your application reflects full thought and effort. A great profile with a thrown together application won’t do the trick in any round, especially R3."

She finally said,"if Booth is your choice, don’t eliminate yourself from a chance at being admitted because it’s R3. You might need to take a more strategic approach, but you never know what the outcome might be unless you try – Nothing ventured, nothing gained!"

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